Move Forward, Not Back

Jason Kenney wants to cut 20% from the budget - meaning fewer teachers, nurses and halting infrastructure projects. This would hurt families, and our economic recovery.

Jason Kenney also said he wants to out gay kids and he won't tell Albertans his position on reproductive choices for women. His extreme views on social issues don’t represent Albertans' values. Alberta has come too far to go backwards with his extreme and reckless agenda.

That’s why Phillip is running for Alberta’s NDP. He wants to help build an inclusive Alberta that works for everyone.

Securing Pipelines and Creating Jobs

Alberta’s economy is the fastest growing in Canada. Our plan has helped create 72,000 new full-time jobs and secured the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline approval.

Phillip knows our plan is working and that’s why he wants to join Rachel Notley in the Legislature.

Rachel Notley's plan supports key industries – like construction, energy, and tech - to diversify our economy. We're also supporting small business, with a 30% reduction in small business taxes.

Making Life Better in Calgary-Lougheed

Phillip wants to make his community better - he has lived and practiced medicine in Calgary for over 20 years.

We are investing in projects that make life better in Calgary-Lougheed, like the Southwest Ring Road, modernizing Fish Creek Park and working to complete the Calgary Cancer Centre.

After decades of neglect by previous governments, we got down to work on building new schools in Calgary-Lougheed: Marshall Springs School and Evergreen Elementary.